Scrollwork with Saying

Catalog No. 287

Pottery or stoneware master stein, threaded relief, 3.0L, pewter lid.
Master stein produced both with and without pouring spout.
Same model number applied to 0.5L drinking steins with varying text.

Text (master):
�Es lebe hoch, es leb� mit Dank,
Gambrinus, Gerst� und Hopfentrank.�

(Long live, long live with thanks,
Gambrinus, barley and hop drinks.)

These two sizes are typically differentiated in the base mark with a hand-incised �a� (0.5L) or �b� (3.0L) following the model number.

Text reference on the master stein is to Gambrinus, �the king of beer�, long a universal symbol of beer and brewing.

Price Ranges
3.L: $125-$175
0.5L: $50-$70

RH 287 (3.0L)
RH 287 (3.0L)

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