Brewer in Beer Barrel

Catalog No. 622

Pottery or stoneware, figural, 0.5L, text varies.

Text options:
“Mann ärgere deine Frau nicht.”
(Man don’t annoy your wife.)

“Mensch ärgere dich nicht.”
(People don’t annoy yourselves.)

“Frau ärgere mich nicht.”
(Woman don’t annoy me.)

The barrel-shaped body decorated with a brewers hexagram (below, top row left), combined with the funnel serving as a hat make it fairly certain that the character portrayed by this stein is intended to be beer brewer. The function of the barrel is self-evident, and the funnel is a standard small-scale brewing tool, used for transferring the the strained wort (unfermented beer) from the brew kettle to the fermenter.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $250-$350
Ltd-color: $200-$300

RH 622
RH 622

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