Gnome Feeding Radish to Drinker

Catalog No. 981

Pottery, etched and relief (tapestry), 0.5L, pewter lid.

“Willst du echte deutsche Kraft,
trinke des Gambrinus Saft,
den man Dir hier edelschenkt,
weil man an dein Lebendenkt.”

(If you want real German strength,
drink Gambrinus juice [beer],
which one pours generously for you here,
because one thinks of your life.)

Text reference is to Gambrinus, “the king of beer”, long a universal symbol of beer and brewing. It has been suggested that the character may be drawn from the claimed real-life inventor of hopped malt beer, Jan Primus (Johann I), a 13th-century Belgian Duke and President of the Brussels Guild of Brewers.

Large white radishes are the favorite beer accompaniment in the Bavarian Alps.

Price Range: $75-$100

RH 981
RH 981

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