Woman with Two Suitors

Catalog No. 1018

Pottery or stoneware master stein, relief, 2.25L, pewter lid.
Same model number applied to matched 0.3L drinking steins with varying central images.

Text (2.25L):
“Schwere Wahl”
(Hard choice)

Central image on master stein taken from a painting entitled “Schwere Wahl” (Hard Choice) by Eduard von Grützner (1846-1925). Drinking stein image is from a painting entitled “Zwischen zwei Feuern” (Between Two Fires) by Emil Rau (1858-1937).

See also Nos. 1092, 1287 and 1903.

Price Ranges
2.25L Full-color: $125-$175 / Ltd-color: $100-$150
0.3L Full-color: $45-$60 / Ltd-color: $35-$45

RH 1018 (2.25L)
RH 1018 (2.25L)

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