“Munich Child”

Catalog No. 1

Pottery, figural, 0.5L.

“Gruß aus München”
(Greetings from Munich)
“Wohl bekomms!”
(To your health!)

Created as the coat-of-arms or archival seal of Munich in 1239, the centrally depicted Münchner Kindl (Munich Child) has evolved from a hooded monk standing in front of Munich’s gate to a charming child and symbol of the city.

Although listed as model number 1 in old manufacturer catalogs, this stein was not initially produced until 1891, replacing an earlier non-figural Munich Child stein. Same model number also applied to a Bearded Man Jug.

See also Nos. 789, 894, 895 and 905.

Price Range: $175-$250

RM 1
RM 1

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