Emperor Wilhelm I

Catalog No. 324

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 0.5L, figural (eagle) inlaid lid.

�Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig sein,
fest steht und treu die Wacht am Rhein.�
(Dear Fatherland, rest easily,
the Watch on the Rhine stands firm and true.)
�Der Kaiser nennt die Herzen sein im weiten deutschen Land,
das ist des Kaisers Kronjuwel, sein Kaiser Diamant.�
(The Emperor calls all hearts his own in the wide German land,
that is the Emperor�s crown jewel, his imperial diamond.)

Emperor Wilhelm I (1797-1888) played a crucial role in modern history in that (with his Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck), he presided over the rise of Germany as a great European power.

Lid text is taken from the chorus of �Die Wacht am Rhein� (The Watch on the Rhine), a German patriotic anthem, written in 1840 by Max Schneckenburger and set to music in 1854 by Karl Wilhelm.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $125-$175
Ltd-color: $100-$150

RM 324
RM 324

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