Catalog No. 432H

Pottery or stoneware, etched (tapestry), 0.5L, pewter lid.

“Gel Alter! Die schön’ Kellnerin, zu dern ziagt’s Di allweil hin —
Laß nur Dei Alte halt nix merk’n, du ärgster Terk’ von alle Terken.”

(Well old man! The pretty barmaid, you are attracted to her all the time —
Just don’t let your wife find out about it, you are the worst Turk of all the Turks.)

To appreciate the text, it helps to understand that at the time this stein was initially produced in the late 19th century, it was common German idiom for a philanderer or womanizer to be referred to as a “Turk” (Terk).

Price Range: $75-$100

RM 432H
RM 432H

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