“Musical Monkey”

Catalog No. 661

Pottery, figural, 0.5L.

“Besitzest du solchen Affen –
so macht kein 2ter dir zu schaffen.”

(Once you have such a monkey,
nothing else will bother you.)

To appreciate the meaning of the text, it must be understood that the monkey, in Germany and elsewhere, is symbolic of drunkenness (monkey on one’s back), so that the first clause might be more clearly, if less literally, translated to read: “Once you are drunk enough....”

Note the variation in base configuration, and that the top hat forming the lid may be found in two versions, one crushed (right) and one uncrushed (below center).

See also No. 576.

Same model number applied to a stein depicting Scrollwork Grape Vines.

Price Range: $200-$300

RM 661
RM 661

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