Landsknechte with Saying

Catalog No. 1378

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 2.0L, pewter lid.

“Beim festen Trunk aus diesem Humpen vergiss der Zeche Tilgung nicht.
Verhasst ist jedem Wirt das Pumpen. Zahlst du macht er ein froh’ Gesicht.”

(After taking a hefty drink from this stein don’t forget to pay the tab.
Every innkeeper hates borrowing. If you pay he’ll make a happy face.)

Landsknechte were feudal serfs used for military purposes by their masters. These “soldiers” were often traded between landowners and were, in a sense, the equivalent of modern mercenaries, with the important difference that they were not free to choose their employer.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $125-$175
Ltd-color: $90-$125

RM 1378
RM 1378

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