Lordís Prayer

Catalog No. 1624

Pottery, relief, 1.5L, pewter lid.
Design attributed to Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke.

The text surrounding this stein is the complete German language Lordís Prayer (Vater Unser).

Note that this stein was initially produced as S.P. Gerz model 1624 in the early 20th century. The mold became the property of Merkelbach when Gerz left the Steinzeugwerke marketing consortium following World War I but was not put into production by Merkelbach until several decades later, first appearing in a catalog dated 1955, after which it was regularly reproduced bearing the original Gerz model number throughout the remainder of Merkelbachís existence.

Price Range: $40-$60

RM 1624
RM 1624

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