Art Nouveau Owl

Catalog No. 1720

Pottery or stoneware, threaded relief, 0.3L, pewter lid.

This is one some half-dozen designs listed in old Merkelbach catalogs as having been provided by �Kunstgewerbelehrer (Arts & Crafts Teacher) Schmidt�. Although the actual identity of this designer is today uncertain, Dr. Graham Dry, in his 1981 book entitled R. Merkelbach: Grenzhausen und M�nchen suggests that he might have been either: Adolf Schmidt, a drawing teacher at the Trade School in Wiesbaden; or Prof. Philip Schmidt, director of the Arts and Crafts School in Erfurt.

Master stein is No. 1719. See also No. 1717.

Price Range: $90-$125

RM 1720
RM 1720

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