Art Nouveau Hearts on Vines

Catalog No. 2390

Stoneware, relief, 0.5L, pewter lid.
Design attributed to Paul Wynand.

Same design can also be found with both Gerz and Hanke markings. Crossover resulted from production agreements associated with the Steinzeugwerke marketing consortium.

An special event stein using the same body configuration but a different central decoration was made for a November 1924 convention of the Gesamtverband Verkehrsgewerbe Niedersachsen (Transport Industry Association of Lower Saxony) held in the city of Osnabr�ck (below right).

See also No. 2429.

Price Ranges
Original: $125-$175
Osnabr�ck: $90-$125

RM 2390
RM 2390

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