Art Nouveau Design

Catalog No. 2500

Stoneware; relief; 4.0L, 2.0L, 1.5L or 1.0L; pewter lid.
Design attributed to Alfred Kamp.

Letter following the model number (A-D) denotes size.

Same design can also be found with Gerz or Hanke markings. Crossover resulted from production agreements associated with the Steinzeugwerke marketing consortium.

Price Ranges
4.0L: $200-$300
2.0L: 150-$225
1.5L: $125-$175
1.0L: $100-$150

2500D (1.0L)
2500D (1.0L)
RM 2500B (2.0L)
RM 2500B (2.0L)

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