Art Nouveau Design

Catalog No. H27

Stoneware; impressed; 3.0L, 2.0L or 0.3L; pewter lid.
Design attributed to Leonhard Hellmuth.

This is one of forty designs, sixteen of which were steins, created by Hellmuth for Merkelbach in 1904. These pieces are designated �H1� through �H40� in the 1905 manufacturer�s catalog, though only a stand-alone numerical designation (i.e., �27�) is found on the base, along with Hellmuth�s �LH� signature/logo.

Price Ranges
3.0L: $200-$300
2.0L: $175-$250
0.3L: $100-$150

RM H27 (3.0L)
RM H27 (3.0L)

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