Munich Child with Tomcat on Barrel

Catalog No. 62

Porcelain, figural, 0.5L, herring handle, lithophane (Bavaria statue).

Created as the coat-of-arms or archival seal of Munich in 1239, the centrally depicted M�nchner Kindl (Munich Child) has evolved from a hooded monk standing in front of Munich�s gate to a charming child and symbol of the city. However, in this case, she has clearly had too much to drink, as signified by the tomcat (Kater), the traditional German symbol and idiomatic expression for a hangover. Pickled herring (handle) is an alleged cure.

Original versions of this stein have been seen both with and without a spigot in the top barrel. Pricing is generally unaffected.

Reproductions of this stein, some with markings similar to the originals, were made by Schierholz from about 1986 to 1995.

See also No. 61.

Price Ranges
Original: $350-$500
Reproduction: $150-$225

Schierholz 62
Schierholz 62

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