Character Stein Catalog

Bubbles LaBrew

Catalog No. 106

Original Issue Year/Manufacturer: 1989/Gerz (Germany)
First Edition Quantity/Price: 3,000/$44.00
TV Character: Yes
Height: 8.25"

Bubbles LaBrew was the first stein in the Schultz & Dooley series to carry a “1st Edition” mark, which was applied to a relatively small number of copies, making a 1st edition of this stein the most rare among the original S&D television players. Two thousand “2nd Edition” copies were subsequently produced, and those steins also command a premium over later versions. “1st Edition” Bubbles LaBrew steins are marked on the base as shown below. “2nd Edition” copies are similarly marked, substituting “2nd” for “1st”.

Price Ranges
First Edition: $50-$70
Second Edition: $30-$45
Others: $20-$30


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