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Bubbles LaBrew

Catalog No. 106

Original Issue Year/Manufacturer: 1989/Gerz (Germany)
First Edition Quantity/Price: 3,000/$44.00
TV Character: Yes
Height: 8.25"

Bubbles LaBrew was the first stein in the Schultz & Dooley series to carry a �1st Edition� mark, which was applied to a relatively small number of copies, making a 1st edition of this stein the most rare among the original S&D television players. Two thousand �2nd Edition� copies were subsequently produced, and those steins also command a premium over later versions. �1st Edition� Bubbles LaBrew steins are marked on the base as shown below. �2nd Edition� copies are similarly marked, substituting �2nd� for �1st�.

Price Ranges
First Edition: $50-$70
Second Edition: $30-$45
Others: $20-$30


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