“The Studying Pharmacist”

Catalog No. 536

Stoneware, relief, 0.5L, pewter lid.

“In mir ist Wahrheit. Ich kann nicht trügen.
Gift trinkt man nicht aus solchen Krügen.”

(In me is truth. I cannot lie.
One does not drink poison from such steins.)

The inscription below the central image reads: “Paulus & Thewalt Hoehr”, which is a pharmaceutical ceramics firm founded in 1882 by Jean Paulus and Albert Jac. Thewalt. This stein was originally produced in 1907 on the 25th anniversary of the firm’s founding. Thewalt had left the partnership in 1892 and a year later formed his own ceramics company, which produced the stein.

See also No. 446.

Price Range: $90-$125

AJT 536
AJT 536

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