“Gothic” Drinkers

Catalog No. 32

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 0.5L, inlaid conical lid, castle tower handle.
Design attributed to Ludwig Foltz II.
Exists with music box in base (add 20%).

The most commonly seen version of this stein has a blue background and cutout keyholes on the base (right and below left). Earlier versions also can also be found with varying color schemes but without the cutouts.

The center panel on this stein was almost certainly intended to depict Gambrinus, “the king of beer”, long a universal symbol of beer and brewing. It has been suggested that the character may be drawn from the claimed real-life inventor of hopped malt beer, Jan Primus (Johann I), a 13th-century Belgian Duke and President of the Brussels Guild of Brewers.

Price Range (all versions): $150-$225

Mettlach 32
Mettlach 32

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