“Song Celebration”

Catalog No. 228

Pottery; relief; 0.5L; inlaid lid; blue, terracotta or gray background.
Design attributed to Ludwig Foltz II.

Text (some versions):
“Beim Liebchen da müssen wir loben und küssen!”
(We must praise and kiss our sweethearts!)
“Sind Freunde beieinand, nimm die Kanne zur Hand!”
(When friends gather together, pick up the pitcher!)
“Bei jeglichem Feste ist Gesang stets das beste!”
(At any celebration, song is the best!)
“Das lindern der Noth, belohnet dir Gott!”
(Alleviating hardship will be rewarded by God!)
Lid (early versions):
“Im Tackte fest, im Tone rein soll unser Thun und Singen sein.”
(Steady in times, clear in sound shall be our acting and singing.)

This stein went through multiple early iterations, some of which are pictured in the bottom row below. The final and most commonly seen configuration is shown at the right and in the top row below.

Price Range: $125-$175

Early Lid Inlay
Early Lid Inlay
Mettlach 228
Mettlach 228

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