“Coats of Arms”

Catalog No. 1001

Pottery, relief, 2.5L, pewter lid, signed “BM”.
Found in brown, white, or brown with white applied coats of arms (not shown).

This stein appears to be a reproduction of a 16th century piece originally produced by Raeren potter Baldem Menniken (“BM”). The coats of arms represent: William the Silent (1533-1584), Prince of Orange; Gustavus I (1496-1550), King of Sweden; Joachim I (1484-1535), Margrave of Brandenburg; Christian III (1511-1591), King of Denmark; and the British royal family.

Master stein to No. 1000.

Price Range: $175-$250

Mettlach 1001
Mettlach 1001

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