Couple and Landsknecht with Saying

Catalog No. 1526/627

Pottery, transfer, 1.0L, pewter lid, signed “CK”.

“Ist dir dein Liebchen ungetreu,
so nimm es nicht zu schwer.
Es blüht so manche Rose noch,
die gern gebrochen wär!”

(If your sweetheart is unfaithful,
don’t take it too seriously.
There is many a rose blooming out there,
that would love to be picked.)

A Landsknecht was a feudal serf used for military purposes by his master. These “soldiers” were often traded between landowners and were, in a sense, the equivalent of modern mercenaries, with the important difference that they were not free to choose their employer.

Price Range: $125-$175

Mettlach 1526/627
Mettlach 1526/627

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