“Hiddigeigei the Cat”

Catalog No. 2007

Pottery, etched, 0.5L, inlaid lid, signed by F. Stuck.

“Zürnend klingt euch in die Ohren, Hiddigeigei’s Geisterwarnung.
Rettet euch, unsel’ge Thoren, vor der Nüchternheit Umgarnung!”

(It rings furiously in the ears, Hiddigeigei’s warning of ghosts.
Save yourselves, wretched fools, from the entrapment of temperance!)

First in set of three, with Nos. 2008 and 2009, based on a poem entitled “The Trumpeter of Säckingen”, written in 1853 by Josef Viktor von Scheffel, which tells the story of a love affair between a trumpeter and a baron’s daughter. Hiddigeigei, the Baron’s cat and student of human behavior, is a major character in the story.

Three lid inlays were interchangeable on this series and may depict either “Jung Werner” (the trumpeter), “der Freiherr” (the baron), or “Margaretha” (his daughter).

Price Range: $300-$400

Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
Mettlach 2007
Mettlach 2007

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