“St. George with the Dragon with Saying”

Catalog No. 2015

Stoneware, relief, 5.6L, pewter lid.

“Mit Gott und Sanct Georg”
(With God and Saint George)

St. George is the Patron Saint of England and one of the most well known Christian figures. The popular legend of St. George and the dragon was introduced into modern tradition with the publication in 1265 of Legenda Sanctorum (Readings on the Saints), that tells the tale of a town which, desperate to control the depredations of a dragon, had resorted to sacrificing unmarried girls to the monster. Finally the lot falls to the king’s daughter and, despite the pleas of her father, she is delivered to her fate. Just then, a handsome young knight (St. George) rides by and, hearing cries for help, slays the dragon with his lance.

Master stein to No. 2016.

Price Range: $1,200-$1,500

Mettlach 2015
Mettlach 2015

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