“Group of Soldiers”

Catalog No. 2040

Pottery, etched, 4.1L, figural inlaid lid (helmet).

“Deutsche Kamaraden mit deutchem Bier,
Nord und Süd sei das Panier!”

(German comrades with German beer,
north and south shall be the banner!)
“Mit Gott für König u. Vaterland!”
(With God for king and fatherland!)

Pictured in the circular inset on the front of this stein are Gambrinus, the “King of Beer”, and Arminius (or Hermann), leader of an alliance of Germanic tribes in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest (9 A.D.). The Germans defeated three Roman legions led by Publius Quinctilius Varus, effectively putting a permanent halt to the expansion plans of the Roman Empire into territories east of the Rhine river.

Price Range: $7,000-$9,000

Mettlach 2040
Mettlach 2040

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