Guard Marksmen Battalion (Type 1)

Catalog No. 2140/750

Pottery, transfer, 0.5L, pewter lid.

�Bleibt fort u. fort die Alten, treu, tapfer, frisch u. stramm.
Des Bataillones Ehre, wahr jeder, Mann f�r Mann.�

(Stay on and on as the old guards did, true, brave, fresh and sturdy.
The batallion�s honor must be preserved, man for man.)

The Guard Marksmen Battalion was garrisoned in Gro�-Lichterfelde.

This is the first of two designs created for this unit. See also No. 2140/751.

Price Range: $350-$450

Mettlach 2140/750
Mettlach 2140/750

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