Catalog No. 2824

Pottery, etched and relief, 3.8L, figural inlaid lid (buildings), signed by M. Hein.

“Warte, Berg — du sollst mir eine Burg werden.”
(Wait mountain, you shall become a fortress for me.)
“Treue Mannen sind die beste Mauer. Eintracht hat grosse macht.”
(Faithful men are the best wall. Unity has great power.)
“Wer nicht liebt Wein – Weib – Gesang, der bleibt ein Narr sein Leben lang.”
(He who does not love wine, women, song, remains a fool his whole life long.)
“Heil unserm Burgherrn allerwegen, Gott spende ihm den reichsten Segen.”
(Hail always to our Lord of the Castle, may God grant him the richest blessings.)

The configuration of the lid inlay can vary, depending on when the stein was produced.

Master stein to No. 2828. See also No. 2038.

Price Range: $3,200-$4,000

Mettlach 2824
Mettlach 2824

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