“Monumental Buildings in Munich”

Catalog No. 2869

Pottery, etched and relief, 2.9L, figural inlaid lid.

“Hier ist ein guter Tropfen drin.”
(Herein is a good drop.)
“Trink’ die Blume München zum Ruhme.”
(Drink the froth to Munich’s glory.)
“So lang da drunt’ am Platz’l noch steht das Hofbräuhaus,
so lang stirbt die Gemütlichkeit in München noch net aus.”

(As long as the Hofbräuhaus still stands in the square,
good fellowship will not die out in Munich.)

This stein exists with two different figural lid inlays. It is typically seen with a lion and shield inlay (below left). More rare is a Hofbräuhaus inlay.

Master stein to No. 2917.

Price Ranges
Lion inlay: $2,400-$3,000
Hofbräuhaus inlay: $2,900-$3,600

Mettlach 2869
Mettlach 2869

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