Catalog No. 2959

Stoneware, etched, 1.0L or 0.5L, inlaid lid, signed by F. Quidenus.

“All’ neun und Kranz beim Kegelspiel — Wer das nicht schiebt, der schiebt nich viel.”
(All nine and wreath, while bowling — He who does not knock them over, does not knock over much.)

The word Kranz (Wreath) in the text describes a situation where the central pin is left standing, surrounded by the others that have been knocked down.

Master stein is No. 2958.

Price Ranges
1.0L: $300-$400
0.5L: $200-$300

Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
Mettlach 2959 (1.0L)
Mettlach 2959 (1.0L)

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