Landsknecht with Saying”

Catalog No. 5019/5442

Pottery, faience-type, 1.0L, pewter lid and foot ring.

“Mit Tabakrauch zur Sommerszeit,
vertreibst du leicht die Mücken.
Und mußt du oft zur Winterszeit,
Verdruß und Aerger schlucken,
dann rauche nur und mit dem Rauch,
vertriebst du dir die Mücken.”

(With tobacco smoke in summertime,
you easily chase the flies away.
And if you often have to swallow
trouble and strife in wintertime,
go ahead and smoke and with the smoke,
you will chase away your blues.

A Landsknecht was a feudal serf used for military purposes by his master. These “soldiers” were often traded between landowners and were, in a sense, the equivalent of modern mercenaries, with the important difference that they were not free to choose their employer.

Price Range: $700-$900

Mettlach 5019/5442
Mettlach 5019/5442

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