Catalog No. 5024/5394

Pottery, faience-type, 1.0L, pewter lid and foot ring.

J.W. Baur delineavit. (...he made it.)
Melchior Küsell fecit. (...he drew it.)
“Und hier wird Pegasus mit Macht von dem Gehalten, der in dem Fabel Reich das Post Amt zu verwalten.”
(And here is Pegasus held with all strength by the one who, in this fairytale Kingdom, has to administer the post office.)
“Als aller Götter bot: vor dem man paulum hat, dort auch gesehen auch an/in der Enstrenser Stadt.”
(Being the messenger of all Gods: not feared by anyone, there he was seen near/in the town of Enstrenser.)

The somewhat obscure text was apparently written contemporaneously with the creation of the image above it during the early to mid-17th century by either J.W. Baur or Melchior Küsell, the Renaissance artists originally responsible for the design. Some of the words have long ago gone out of use, leaving at least parts of the translation subject to revision as additional information is discovered.

Price Range: $700-$900

Mettlach 5024/5394
Mettlach 5024/5394

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