Munich Child

Catalog No. (X1)

Porcelain; figural; 0.5L, 0.3L, or 0.125L; with various color schemes.

Created as the coat-of-arms or archival seal of Munich in 1239, the centrally depicted Münchner Kindl (Munich Child) has evolved from a hooded monk standing in front of Munich’s gate to a charming child and symbol of the city.

These steins are never found with a manufacturer’s mark. However, the bodies are almost identical to Bohne No. 4088, except for the angle of the Bible, which is vertical and not touching the scapula. In addition, they have the same distinctive handle as on the marked Bohne steins. In all likelihood they were produced under contract for one or more Munich distributors.

Price Ranges
0.5L: $100-$150
0.3L: $90-$125
0.125L: $75-$100

Bohne (X1) 0.5L
Bohne (X1) 0.5L

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