Warrior with Coats of Arms

Catalog No. 52

Pottery or stoneware (Siegburg style), relief, 1.5L, pewter lid.

The double-headed eagle shown in the arms details below (left side) was the heraldic symbol of the Holy Roman Empire, which existed in central Europe from 962 until 1806. The two heads, first seen in HRE heraldry circa 1250, represent church and state. The other depicted arms (right side), featuring rampant lions, in all likelihood belonged to a member of the House of Habsburg, one of the most important royal families in Europe and the source of Holy Roman Emperors from 1438 through 1740.

Variations of this stein can be found with either copper or bronze plating (bottom row center and right). The copper plating is known to have been applied by L.Thannemann & Cie, a Munich finishing shop and distributor. It’s likely (but by no means certain) that the bronze plating was also applied by Thannemann.

See also Hanke No. 89.

Price Ranges
Pottery/stoneware: $125-$175
Copper plating: $250-$350
Bronze plating: $350-$500

Arms Details
Arms Details
DB 52
DB 52

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