Renaissance Portraits with Saying

Catalog No. 604

Pottery, relief, 7.0L, pewter lid.

�Das Glas in der Rechten, den Krug in der Linken,
so wollen wir fechten, nicht wanken nicht sinken.�

(The glass in the right hand, the pitcher in the left,
that�s how we want to fight, not stagger not fall.)

The portraits on this stein are all named, although there appears to be little linking the images other than that they depict well-known personalities during the German Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries. The larger portraits around the center of the stein include: Lucas Cranach (1472-1553), painter and printmaker; Albrecht D�rer (1471-1528), painter, printmaker and art theorist; Kunz von Kaufungen (c. 1410-1455), German knight and military commander; and Johannes Gutenberg (c. 1398�1468), inventor of movable type.

Price Range: $300-$400

SPG 604
SPG 604

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