Catalog No. 1340

Pottery, etched, 0.5L, inlaid lid.

“Alt Heidelberg du feine, du Stadt an Ehren reich,
am Neckar und am Rhein, keine andre kommt dir gleich.”

(Old Heidelberg you fine city, rich in honors,
on the Neckar and Rhine, no other can equal you.)
“Bier oder Wein, eins muss es sein.”
(Beer or wine, it must be one.)

Text surrounding the central image is taken from a poem honoring Heidelberg, written in 1853 by Josef Viktor von Scheffel and set to music in 1872 by Weise von Zimmerman.

Lid inlay depicts the broken tower (der gesprengte Turm) of Heidelberg castle, the lower floor of which was used as a powder magazine until it was blown up by French soldiers in 1693 during the Palatinate war of succession.

Price Range: $100-$150

Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
JPT 1340
JPT 1340

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