Forest Scene with Deer

Catalog No. 1227

Pottery, relief, 1.75L, figural inlaid lid (Perkeo).

�Piff paff tara der weisse Hirsch ist da.�
(Piff paff tara the white stag is there.)

Text is loosely drawn from a song entitled �Der wei�e Hirsch� (The White Stag) written in 1811 by Ludwig Uhland.

Perkeo (lid figure) was an 18th-century dwarf who served as both court jester and keeper of the royal wine keg in Heidelberg. Despite his size, he was reportedly quite a prodigious drinker and, according to legend, his death came about when he mistakenly drank a glass of water.

See also No. 1248.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $90-$125
Ltd-color: $75-$100

JWR 1227
JWR 1227

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