Catalog No. (F12)

Enameled stoneware, figural, 0.25L, hand-marked “51”.

“Ich bin die Grethl — Jederzeit zum lustig sein und spass bereit.”
(I am Grethl — always happy and ready for a good time.)

Grethl (or Gretel [diminutive for “Margret”]) is a character in German puppet theater who often appears as the friend, sister or wife of the jester Kasper, and who, despite the text on this stein, often has to curb Kasper’s foolishness.

This is one of a series of eleven figural steins designed by Franz Ringer, manufactured by Merkelbach & Wick, and then hand-enameled, probably at the Jacob Reinemann facility in Munich. Most have been seen only in a ¼-liter size and were apparently made specifically for children. They typically carry an incised “J. Reinemann/München” bottom mark and a hand-painted decoration number (49–59).

See also Girl with Dolls and Flowers, Gnome with Mushroom Hat, Hans in Luck, Hanswurst, King, Little Red Riding Hood, Munich Child, Princess and Queen.

Price Range: $350-$500

MW (F12)
MW (F12)

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