Hans in Luck

Catalog No. (F13)

Enameled stoneware, figural, 0.25L, hand-marked “57”.

The figure depicted by this stein is the central character from a Grimm Brothers tale entitled Hans in Luck (Hans im Glück), which tells the story of a young man who, having successfully completed a seven-year apprenticeship, is given a piece of gold by his master that is “as big as his head.” Not long into his journey home, Hans is talked into trading the gold for a horse. He later trades the horse for a cow, the cow for a pig, the pig for a goose (shown in this depiction) and, finally, the goose for a grindstone, which falls into a well and is lost. At this point, apparently pleased to be freed of his burdons, he runs happily toward home and his waiting mother.

This is one of a series of eleven figural steins designed by Franz Ringer, manufactured by Merkelbach & Wick, and then hand-enameled, probably at the Jacob Reinemann facility in Munich. Most have been seen only in a ¼-liter size and were apparently made specifically for children. They typically carry an incised “J. Reinemann/München” bottom mark and a hand-painted decoration number (49–59).

See also Girl with Dolls and Flowers, Gnome with Mushroom Hat, Grethl, Hanswurst, Kasper, King, Little Red Riding Hood, Munich Child, Princess and Queen.

Price Range: $700-$900

MW (F13)
MW (F13)

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