Catalog No. (F31)

Stoneware, figural, 0.5L.

“Gruss v. Wendelstein.”
(Greetings from Wendelstein.)
“Aufstieg auf den Wendelstein von Birkenstein aus über die Spitzingalpe zum Wendelsteinhaus, Gaacherblick & zum Gipfel mit Kapelle.
Abstieg vom Gipfel retour zum Wendelsteinhaus über die obere und untere Zelleralpe, Hochkreuth nach Bayrischzell.”

(Ascent onto the Wendelstein from Birkenstein via the Spitzing Alp to the Wendelstein House, Gaacher View and to the summit with the chapel.
Descent from the top back to the Wendelstein House via the upper and lower Zeller Alp, Hochkreuth to Bayrischzell.)

Wendelstein is a mountain in the northernmost group of German Alps, located just north of the town of Miesbach in Upper Bavaria. Although not particularly high by Alpine standards at 6030 feet, the popularity of the mountain was ensured when, in 1912, construction was completed on a 6.18 mile mountain railway, the first of its kind in Germany.

This stein was produced by Merkelbach & Wick for distribution by Martin Pauson, a Munich finishing shop and distributor, and is typically bottom-marked “Martin Pauson/München”, often with an additional “M&W/Gr.” manufacturer’s mark.

See also Zugspitze.

Price Range: $200-$300

MW (F31)
MW (F31)

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