Würzburg Bell

Catalog No. (F34)

Pottery, figural, enameled transfer, 0.5L.

“Die Würzburger Glöckli ham a schönes Geläut.
In Würzburg wird a no a guts Bier’la Gebräut!”

(The Wuerzburg Bells have a fine sound.
In Wuerzburg they also brew a good beer!)

Text is taken from an unattributed early 19th century folk song.

Wuerzburg is widely known for its many church bells, which peel regularly throughout the day. Perhaps the most famous, and reputedly the loudest, are the bells of the Cathedral of St. Killian. Originally completed in the 12th century, the cathedral was completely destroyed in World War II, but was rebuilt (with new bells) and reconsecrated in 1967.

Price Range: $400-$500

MW (F34)
MW (F34)

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