Friedrich Barbarossa

Catalog No. 229

Pottery or stoneware, relief, 4.0L, pewter lid.

Friedrich Barbarossa (1122-90) held a number of titles during his lifetime, including Duke of Swabia (as Friedrich III, 1147–90) and German king and Holy Roman emperor (as Friedrich I, 1152–90). Principally remembered for his attempts to challenge papal authority and to establish German predominance in western Europe, he engaged in a long struggle with the cities of northern Italy that included six major military expeditions. At age 68 he died by drowning during the third Crusade while crossing the Saleph river in what is now Turkey.

Scenes around the stein depict: 1) “Friedrich im Gefecht bei Ikonium” (Friedrich in battle at Ikonium); 2) “Fridrichs (sic) Tod im Saleph” (Friedrich’s death in the Saleph); and 3) “Friedrich im Küffhäuser” (Friedrich in Küffhäuser [mountain]).

Price Range: $200-$300

RH 229
RH 229

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