Emperor Wilhelm II

Catalog No. 1408

Pottery, relief, 0.5L, pewter lid.
Exists with music box in base (add 20%)

“Wir Deutschen fürchten Gott und sonst niemand auf der Welt!”
(We Germans fear God and otherwise no one else in the world!)

Wilhelm II (1859-1941) succeeded his father, Friedrich III, and was crowned Emperor (Kaiser) of Germany in 1888. During his reign, Wilhelm II built up the German military machine and a naval fleet to rival that of Great Britain. He was forced to abdicate under the terms of the armistice ending World War I.

Text is taken from a speech given by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to the German Reichstag on February 6, 1888.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $150-$225
Ltd-color: $125-$175

RH 1408
RH 1408

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