Diogenes in Barrel

Catalog No. 1771

Pottery, figural, 0.5L, inlaid lid.
Also produced with figural monkey inlaid lid (add 40%).

Diogenes (412-323 B.C.), a Greek Philosopher, believed that only by depriving oneself of everything that is superfluous could a person hope to be free of desire and therefore unhappiness. He is said to have lived in a large wine urn, depicted here as a wooden barrel. It is interesting to note that the iron tools necessary to make such a barrel would not exist until after 400 A.D., some 700 years following the death of Diogenes. Similarly, the lantern and stein would have been more appropriate to the 19th century than to early Greece.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $300-$400
Ltd-color: $200-$300

Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
RH 1771
RH 1771

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