Scene from Tristan and Isolde

Catalog No. 1354

Pottery, relief, 0.3L, pewter lid.

In this scene from the first act of Richard Wagner�s opera Tristan and Isolde, Isolde, daughter of the King of Ireland, who has been betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall, is seen in an amorous embrace with his nephew, the knight Tristan, who has been sent to Ireland to escort Isolde back to Cornwall. Before leaving Ireland, Isolde�s mother gives a love potion to Isolde�s handmaiden with strict instructions that it is to be given to Isolde only on her wedding night. However, during the voyage, Isolde and Tristan drink the potion by accident and fall in love, leading to a series of events that eventually result in the untimely deaths of both from grief and broken hearts.

Master stein is No. 1350. See also Nos. 1352 and 1353.

Price Ranges
Full-color: $40-$60
Ltd-color: $35-$50

RM 1354
RM 1354

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