Nuremberg Funnel

Catalog No. 25

Porcelain, figural, 0.5L or 0.25L, jester handle, lithophane (Gooseman of Nuremberg).
Produced with both gray and yellow funnels. The 0.25L size has been seen only with a gray funnel.

The Nürnberger Trichter (Nuremberg Funnel) is a symbolic device for pouring knowledge into the head. This message is perhaps more clearly depicted in No. 26, where the funnel is seen being positioned above the head of a judge. For additional information about the “Gooseman of Nuremberg” lithophane, see No. 118.

Price Ranges
0.5L: $200-$300
0.25L: $150-$225

Schierholz 25 (0.5L)
Schierholz 25 (0.5L)

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