Convention Stein Catalog

St. Louis, MO - 1970

Description: Stoneware, transfer, 0.5L, pewter lid.
Manufacturer: Wick-Werke (Germany)
Production Quantity: 400

The central image on this stein image depicts the famed St. Louis Gateway arch and city skyline. The banner below the image honors the Falstaff Museum of Brewing, one of the stops on that year�s convention tours. Opened in St. Louis in 1964, it�s the first and only museum in the U.S. dedicated entirely to the brewing industry.

Side text includes: �A Toast to Leonard Schenk and Russ Rudin.� Leonard Shenk was SCI Vice President at the time and co-chaired the convention along with Russ Rudin.

This stein was actually delivered to attendees subsequent to the convention, allowing time for it to be inscribed on the rear with: �In Memorium, Bill and Bonnie Neeling.� The Neelings died tragically in an automobile accident while traveling from their home in Minnesota to attend the St. Louis convention.

In addition to the official convention stein, attendees received a specially marked mug from the Falstaff Brewing Company, which had also generously contributed the beer consumed during the convention.

Price Ranges:
Convention Stein � $15-$25
Falstaff Mug � $10-$15


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