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San Francisco, CA - 1971

   Convention Stein � Stoneware, transfer, 0.5L, pewter lid.
   5-Year Attendance Stein � Stoneware, transfer, 1.0L, pewter lid.
Manufacturer (both pieces): Wick-Werke (Germany)
Production Quantities: Convention - 400; Attendance - N/A

Side text on the convention stein (right) includes: �Hosted by Joe Durban and Erste Gruppe.� In 1968 the first SCI chapter, Erste Gruppe (First Group), was formed in Southern California. In 1971 Erste Gruppe also became the first chapter to host a convention, setting a long-standing precedent for the future. Joe Durban was serving as President of Erste Gruppe that year and had primary responsibility for managing the convention.

Also in 1971 an additional, personalized one-liter stein was given to a small number of members who had attended all five SCI conventions held as of that year. The pictured example below was given to SCI founder Tom McClelland.

It�s interesting to note that, although Prosit, the SCI journal, reported that the �San Francisco steins will feature the Golden Gate Bridge�, the central images on both of the 1971 convention steins were taken from among the stock of standard transfer designs available from Wick-Werke at the time.

Price Ranges
Convention Stein: $15-$25
5-Year Attendance Stein: $125-$175

5-Year Attendance Stein
5-Year Attendance Stein
Convention Stein
Convention Stein

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