Convention Stein Catalog

San Antonio, TX - 1983

Description: Pottery, transfer and relief, 0.5L, figural inlaid lid.
Manufacturer: Gerz (Germany)
Production Quantity: N/A

There were two different steins manufactured for the 1983 convention. The first was a half-liter stein, provided to all convention attendees, which featured a cowboy boot lid figurine and a �six-shooter� thumblift, along with side images of the Alamo, site of the well-known 1836 battle for Texas independence from Mexico, and a Nine-Banded Armadillo, the Texas state mammal.

The second (below left), produced in an edition only twenty-five, was a two-liter stein with a Texas star serving as the central decoration, side images similar to those on the half-liter version, and a lid decorated with the same pewter six-shooter that served as the thumblift on the smaller stein. This stein was given to the event�s organizers and various special guests at the convention.

Price Ranges
Standard: $25-$40
Ltd. Edition: $125-$175


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