“Three Scenes from Siegfried’s Youth”

Catalog No. 2394

Pottery, etched, 0.5L, inlaid lid.

Text — Scene 1:
“Jung Siegfried kommt zum Schmiede.”
(Young Siegfried comes to the blacksmith.)
Scene 2:
“Jung Siegfried erschlägt den Lindwurm.”
(Young Siegfried slays the dragon.)
Scene 3:
“Jung Siegfried schmiedet sein Schwert.”
(Young Siegfried forges his sword.)

The scenes on this stein are drawn from ancient legends, which later served as the basis for Der Ring des Nibelungen, a series of four operas by Richard Wagner. Note that these scenes track the killing of the dragon (with a cudgel) and then the forging of Siegfried’s sword, in accord with early Teutonic versions of the story, but differing substantially from Wagner’s operatic version of this episode in the life of Siegfried.

Price Range: $300-$400

Scenes 1 & 2
Scenes 1 & 2
Lid Inlay
Lid Inlay
Mettlach 2394 (Scene 3)
Mettlach 2394 (Scene 3)

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