“Knight Hildebrand and His Son Hadubrand”

Catalog No. 2478

Pottery, cameo, 5.0L, figural inlaid lid (tower roof).

“Hildebrand und sein Sohn Hadubrand, Hadubrand,
ritten selbander in Wuthentbrannt, Wuthentbrannt,
gegen die Seestadt Venedig.”

(Hildebrand and his son Hadubrand
rode furiously together
against the maritime city of Venice.)

“Hildebrand und sein Sohn Hadubrand, Hadubrand,
keiner die Seestadt Venedig fand, Venedig fand.
Da schimpften die beiden unfläthig.”

(Hildebrand and his son Hadubrand,
neither found the city of Venice.
So both of them cursed obscenely.)

“Hildebrand und sein Sohn Hadubrand, Hadubrand,
ritten bis da, wo ein Wirtshaus stand, Wirtshaus stand,
Wirtshaus mit kühlen Bieren.”

(Hildebrand and his son Hadubrand
then rode to where a tavern stood,
a tavern with cooling beer.)

“Hildebrand und sein Sohn Hadubrand, Hadubrand,
tranken sich beid’ einen Riesenbrand, Riesenbrand,
krochen heim auf allen vieren.”

(Hildebrand and his son Hadubrand
drank themselves into a giant conflagration,
then crept home on all fours.)

The text on the stein is apparently a song version of the poem, Sohn Hadubrand, written in 1855 by Josef Viktor von Scheffel. This version differs from the poem principally in the repeated words and phrases in the first and second lines of each stanza.

The original story of Hildebrand and Hadubrand is taken from Das Hildebrandslied, the only surviving example of Old High German heroic poetry, and has little or no relationship to Scheffel’s poem. Das Hildebrandslied tells of the dilemma of a father (Hildebrand) who must fight his son (Hadubrand). Hadubrand will not believe Hildebrand is his father and, because Hildebrand is the champion of his people, he cannot back out of the fight. However, if he continues the fight, he’ll be guilty of kin-killing, which is just about the worst thing a Germanic warrior can do. Unfortunately, only a fragment of Das Hildebrandslied survives today, so the outcome of the battle will forever remain a mystery. The relief on the stein reflects Scheffel’s poem and not Das Hildebrandslied.

Master stein to No. 2479.

Price Range: $1,000-$1,200

Mettlach 2478
Mettlach 2478

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