“Knight Hildebrand and His Son Hadubrand”

Catalog No. 2479

Pottery, cameo, 0.5L or 0.25L, figural inlaid lid (tower roof), scenes and placement vary.

Although the scenes on this stein reflect the verses of a student drinking song written in 1855 by Josef Viktor von Scheffel, the original story of Hildebrand and Hadubrand is taken from Das Hildebrandslied, the only surviving example of Old High German heroic poetry, which tells of the dilemma of a father (Hildebrand) who must fight his son (Hadubrand). Hadubrand will not believe Hildebrand is his father and, because Hildebrand is the champion of his people, he cannot back out of the fight. However, if he continues the fight, he’ll be guilty of kin-killing, which is just about the worst thing a Germanic warrior can do. Unfortunately, only a fragment of Das Hildebrandslied survives today, so the outcome of the battle will forever remain a mystery.

Master stein is No. 2478. See also No. 2652.

Price Ranges
0.5L: $250-$350
0.25L: $175-$250

Mettlach 2479 (0.5L)
Mettlach 2479 (0.5L)

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